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Tax with AI

Dawn 22 Apr 2024
AI is not a mechanical way replacing human error, but a made-to-order algorithm that can cater to and adapt to all local frameworks with optimisation of service, transparency, and above all, accessibility.

New Stablecoin Bill Would Violate Free Speech Rights, Says Crypto Advocacy Group Coin Center

The Daily Hodl 21 Apr 2024
Coin Center goes on to note that banning decentralized algorithmic stablecoins is no different than banning computer code, which is a violation of the First Amendment.

Coin Center Opposes ‘Unconstitutional’ Stablecoin Bill – Details

Bitcoinist 21 Apr 2024
The crypto advocacy group stated that prohibiting the use of algorithmic stablecoins can be interpreted as a ban on publishing code which would be unconstitutional in accordance with the provisions of the First Amendment Rights.

A congressman wanted to understand AI. So he went back to a college classroom to learn

Denver Post 20 Apr 2024
“I’m finding that learning to code — which is thinking in this sort of mathematical, algorithmic step-by-step, is helping me think differently about a lot of other things — how you put ...

'Bitcoin halving' is coming. So what is it all about?

France24 19 Apr 2024
As the clock ticks down towards the next "bitcoin halving" – an event coded ...

The clock is ticking on a TikTok ban. Will the US ban the app? What you need to know.

Usatoday 19 Apr 2024
TikTok has also come under fire for the way its algorithm recommends videos to users, including videos on sensitive subjects and videos about the Israel-Hamas war ... The bill prohibits ByteDance from controlling the algorithm.

Coin Center Asserts Stablecoin Bill Threatens Free Speech Rights

CoinGape 19 Apr 2024
The lobbying group Coin Center claims the bill’s prohibition on algorithmic stablecoins would be a violation of the First Amendment by targeting the code comprising digital assets.

Two US Senators Introduce New Bipartisan Stablecoin Legislation

The Daily Hodl 19 Apr 2024
... stablecoin issuers to maintain 1.1 reserves and prohibit the use of unbacked, algorithmic stablecoins—or those whose value does not rely on a reserve of asset, but depends on code-based mechanisms.

Worldcoin Announces Upcoming Release Of Layer-2 Ethereum Blockchain

Bitcoinist 18 Apr 2024
... or specialized devices known as Orbs, Worldcoin transforms biometric images into encrypted numerical codes.�. Combined with algorithms, these codes verify the individual’s unique human identity.

The Bitcoin Halving: From A Macro Event To Quasi-Holiday

Bitcoin Magazine 18 Apr 2024
With the gradual emergence of Bitcoin into mainstream consciousness over its 15 years of existence, the 4-year hard-coded algorithmic ritual morphed from mere technicalities of a program, into a ...

IP block covers Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.4 dual mode and IEEE 802.15.4 for IoT chips

Eweekly 16 Apr 2024
Deliverables for the IP series include RTL and C code packages for each wireless protocol – packages which can include sensing and location algorithms for Bluetooth Channel Sounding, Wi-Fi CSI, and UWB radar ... .

AI in health care: opportunities, threats

Korea Times 15 Apr 2024
The most viable example of using AI in health care is the application of natural language processing, or NLP, and machine learning algorithms to improve clinical documentation and coding processes.

High Accuracy Resolver Simulator System with Fault Injection Function

The Engineer 15 Apr 2024
Error Contributions in Resolver Simulator Systems ... The processor will calculate the SIN/COS DAC output data code by using the CORDIC algorithm and,through the SIN/COS module, generate the same frequency sinusoidal signal as the excitation input ... 1990 ... .

Why Workers Should Focus on “Durable Skills” Over “Perishable Skills”

Time 14 Apr 2024
So it’s hard to expect a team to do proper AI production when they don’t have the foundations of linear algebra, of mathematics, of algorithmic coding, of software engineering, of cloud computing, et cetera.

AI-Enabled ARRES Robot Maintains UK Roads by Sealing Potholes Early

Cryptopolitan 14 Apr 2024
ARRES technology revolutionizing road maintenance ... Beyond code and control algorithms, the future is will see roads maintained by robots without any human involvement – a phenomenon that is not just possible but close to impending.