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Democracy Now 09 Jun 2023
Award-winning journalist Anjan Sundaram hosted the television miniseries Coded World for Channel NewsAsia, Singapore’s national broadcaster, on how artificial intelligence is changing humans ... What is an algorithm, and how does it affect people’s lives? I’m Anjan Sundaram, journalist and mathematician.

Editorial Board | Don’t make Stanford the next Berkeley

Stanford Daily 09 Jun 2023
... a value separate from diversity of lived experiences, then what does Stanford want their student body to look like?  Most crucially, how does Stanford currently factor race into admissions? Is it explicit, implicit, coded away in application-sorting algorithms?  .

AI System Devises First Optimizations To Sorting Code In Over a Decade

Slashdot 08 Jun 2023
Anyone who has taken a basic computer science class has undoubtedly spent time devising a sorting algorithm -- code that will take an unordered list of items and put them in ascending or descending order ... optimized algorithms without first being trained on human code examples.

BestEx Research Announces Adaptive Optimal Framework for Designing and Optimizing Implementation Shortfall Execution Algorithms

Longview News-Journal 08 Jun 2023
STAMFORD, Conn., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BestEx Research Group LLC, an independent provider of high-performance algorithmic execution and measurement solutions for equities, futures, and FX trading, has launched a no-code framework for building and optimizing implementation shortfall (IS) execution algorithms.

Twitter alternative BlueSky is fun, friendly, and kind of empty

Popular Science 08 Jun 2023
This means it’s a work in progress (more on that later) and that you can only get in there with an invite code ... But if you’re interested in joining the platform and manage to get an invite code, you should know that your experience will probably not be seamless ... An algorithmically-curated timeline with the top trending skeets from all over Bluesky.

Exploring high demand Jobs and in emerging technologies

The Jerusalem Post 08 Jun 2023
This language will enable the translation of high-level concepts into gate-level implementations, facilitating the design of complex quantum algorithms, promoting code reuse, and accelerating the development of quantum software ... As AI technologies advance, IoT developers now leverage AI algorithms to unlock the true potential of connected devices.

Deepmind’s AlphaDev discovers sorting algorithms that can revolutionize computing foundations

Venture Beat 07 Jun 2023
This specialized version of AlphaZero has made a significant breakthrough by uncovering faster sorting and hashing algorithms, which are essential processes utilized trillions of times daily by developers worldwide for data sorting, storage and retrieval ... Surpassing the realm of sorting algorithms.

HackerRank Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Plagiarism Detection System, Setting A New Standard for Fairness in Developer Hiring

Victoria Advocate 07 Jun 2023
coding behavior features, attempt submission features, and question features ... HackerRank's algorithm operates solely on coding behavior, without reference to background information such as gender, race, age, school, location, or experience ... advance and showcase their coding skills.

Life isn’t a sci-fi flick – AI isn’t going to cause the apocalypse

Metro UK 07 Jun 2023
It's important to remember that AI tools like ChatGPT are ultimately controlled by humans (Picture. Getty Images) ... They are a particular type of AI tool - known as ‘generative.’ ... Rex/Shutterstock) ... Its algorithms are coded by humans to help us carry out tasks, and its abilities are confined by the data we use to train it ... Getty Images) ... More. Trending.

Poll: Only 20 Percent of Young People Have a Positive View of Andrew Tate

Vice 06 Jun 2023
This is why the new online safety law must introduce a violence against women and girls code of practice to hold tech platforms accountable for the harmful content pushed and promoted by their algorithms for profit.

We Asked AI to Generate News Quizzes Based on TIME’s Archives. Test Yourself With the Results

Time 06 Jun 2023
A year ago, this exercise would have involved writing a lot of code, picking between different algorithms and pre-trained language models, and constantly tweaking the “hyperparameters,” or human-defined starting conditions for the training process.

In Defense of Humanity

The Atlantic 05 Jun 2023
Early disturbances arose from the ranking algorithms that have come to define the modern web—that is, the opaque code that tells Google which results to show you, and that organizes and personalizes your feeds on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok by slurping up data about you as a way to assess what to spit back out.

Can college professors use ChatGPT for good?

Deseret News 05 Jun 2023
She teaches her students how to use genetic algorithms, which use computer-coded natural selection, to design antennae. Engineers have been using AI-like genetic algorithms since the 1960s, so ChatGPT and other text-generating bots don’t strike Furse as particularly revolutionary, at least in their current form.

Indian girls jump on the global coding bandwagon in ChatGPT era

Suryaa 03 Jun 2023
New Delhi, June 3 (IANS) For Aradhya Awasthi, a class 6th student in Delhi-NCR, coding is being creative, having fun and learning to be innovative ... "Coding is the only global language ... According to Parul, coding should be a part of the curriculum for students as it can equip them with logical and algorithmic thinking skills.

NFTs and Big Brands: Exploring new possibilities

Cryptoslate 03 Jun 2023
The first drop incorporates House codes found in the Gucci Aria collection, while the second drop spotlights Guggimon embellished with the Gucci Love Parade ... Davis used code to create an algorithm that generated millions of different shoe design options ... Hobbs’ QQL algorithm.

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